Friday, December 30, 2011

Starting the Vegan Journey

Living “Vegan” can prove to be challenging- especially in your first few months. You might struggle with cravings and social gatherings ,and occasionally it can take all of the energy in you just to push through another cruelty-free meal.

 Sometimes it’s more efficient if you start out by easing into it. Many vegetarians go vegan after realizing that stopping thier diet of meat doesn’t stop the cycle of cruelty. Here are some helpful tips to help you ease into your journey:

Don’t let yourself fall to the temptation of eating out- unless they have vegan options! It’s much easier to go grab a burger than it is to invite your friends over for an animal-free meal, but being around temptation doesn’t always help.

Never go to the grocery store hungry! That is the best tip my mother ever gave me. Going hungry only hinders your ability to make good choices!

Research your clothing companies before you buy from them. A lot of chain stores promote the use of fur, leather, and feathers in their clothing. Companies also produce their clothing by means of sweatshops- beware!

When you have cravings, brush your teeth or eat a pickle. This can prove to be worthwhile.
Don’t overindulge in soy products. Too much of anything can be bad for you. Dabble with hemp products and almond products. They have similar tastes and consistencies but variation is good for the body

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