Sunday, April 29, 2012

Walmart's Pork Supplier Exposed

The owner should get a chance to live like the pigs... in a cage so small that he can't move. or have something ripped out of their body without any pain killer. This is soooo heart breaking. I could never help someone cause so much harm to animal for personal greed.

Although it's "just a Big" Feelings still exist.... who in there right think what we've witness in this video is not cruel... Cutting out the parts of an animal and to hear/see the pig scream like that and it does not affect you....I'm speachless-you have no human emotion

All animal should be able to live in there natural habitat. The animal should not be confined to where they can't MOVE! -But there's so many fat people to feed the slaughter house feel they are doing what's best to keep all the fatty's satisfied!!!

Now dont get me wrong.....I'm not saying everone should be a vegan and not eat meat....But I dont want the animals to suffer like that just to satisfied some FAT-ASS that can't say no to food and always want more, more, more and in the process make others rich..."How selfish can you be?"

You know, I have looked at animal slaughter house videos and barely offended me but this....I just saw the piglets screaming and how they cannot turn around...they must have claustrophobia their entire life. This is sick...I don't eat pork and now I will never will because I just want these pigs to roam free.

I don't want to live on this planet anymore- if people dont consider this to be a cruel and unusual punishment for the aninals!!
"I support others eating animals flesh to an extent".. But I dont support killing things in a slow way.. or just causing misseray.. If you are going to kill the pig make sure they live a painless life and kill them quickly.. Like wth thats just not right I mean I know they going to die anyways or you going to kill them.. But dont mess up their life like that.

This is one of those moments where I feel the most hopeless

I feel: Speechless, hopeless, heartbroken, etc...