Friday, December 30, 2011


Soooo I've been thinking about doing something different for this new year part of my journey to a Spiritual, Fit, Healthy & Happy Lifestyle Journey.... What I came up w/is to become a True Vegan I will be document this journey on my new youtube(myveganjourney) -Feel FREE to join me- I will miss my bacon, sausage and egg breakfast ooh and let not even get started on my McDonald h...abbits...(R.I.P. to all of that) :(

I will begin my preparation today- Last night for diner I tried Potato, green been mixture & Rice w/mixveggie & for breakfast this morning I had 1 apple for lunch I have 1 apple & 1 banana (interesting feeling-I have a crazy headache now)

I will propably have some Mc D to say my final good bye.....

Hello I'm Esther and I want to be a vegan.... which is why I've created this  blog to ducument my progress to becoming a vegeterian. This is new to me.. I've never done anything like this before

->Everything will be budget friendly
->I will take it one step at a time
->I cant's quit something I've been doing as a child cold turkey
->I will eliminate food and replace it with something more Vegan Friendly
-> I will start/continue to work out on a consistant basis...
->I will keep this blog up to date w/ my ups and down

I will be documenting my journey here on this blog.♥

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